About us:

We provide one of the best home services in yoga and fitness workouts in Kolkata. "Forever Fit Workout” is an organization which was established in the year 2009. And since then we have tried to improve over the years and cater to the client's problems as aptly as possible.

It is basically a home service system where we send all the trained yoga trainers to treat the clients.

Mission: Our one and only mission is to gift people a good and healthy body as we believe that the greatest gift that one can give to its families is a healthy you.

We Provide:

Yoga classes at home.

Yoga classes for Gents & Ladies.

Yoga classes for children.

Power yoga classes.

Aerobic classes.

Meditation classes.

Yoga & Diet consultants.

About The Trainer:

Shovan Samanta
Shovan Samanta is a trained professional Yoga trainer who conducts individual and also group trainning classes for people who suffer from different health problems issues like - Obesity,  Thyroid, Hupothyroid, Hypertention, Constipation, Bone related problems like Spondylitis, arthritis etc. Even problems like depression, tiredness, boredom, lazyness and many more.

Professional Qualifications:-
Shovan Samanta has an experience of diploma courses in
-  Yoga, Theraputic Yoga, Theraputic excersises.

He also masters in power Yoga, Advanced yoga, Core exercises, Aerobics, Meditation and pranayama, Diet and Naturopathy, and fifferent fat burning workouts and stretchings helpful in maintaining body weight and body flexibility.